What We Do

In Touch Project aims to help those who are in need, with info, support and some therapy. We offer support for all ages who have a addiction to drugs/alcohol and we aim to provide support to those in the somerset area.

We do not have any miracle cures or quick fixes to stop your loved one drinking or using drugs, however we have found ways to help us cope better with the situation. On occasions when we started to change, our loved ones began to change.

We are passionate about providing an holistic approach (getting beyond the problem), and aiming towards recovery for ourselves, regardless of what our loved ones decide to do. This is not an easy task, and may be a long and lonely journey if tried to do alone.

Our project is about getting people in touch with others who understand their feelings and distress. Our aim is to uncover many of the forgotten people isolated and alone, not knowing where or who to go to for help. We have all experienced this ourselves.

In Touch Project is a combination of what people themselves say they need.

We encourage people to build their own support networks, and will signpost you to other relevant sources of help if required. We are building a reliable source of information that would have been incredibly helpful if we had been given this earlier.

We have useful resources of books and videos for hire, so that they can be used in the privacy of your own home, and watched with other members of your family, which may be useful for siblings who also suffer in silence.

We ‘link’ with others and have small snippets of fun; something that became non existent with us. Often our fun times are whilst raising valuable funds to sustain the project. We still have to return to the problem, however small periods of respite are essential to take care of our own well-being.

We spend a large part of our time raising awareness with professionals of the distress caused to ‘significant others’ and OUR need for support.

We offer the choice to:

  • Meet, have coffee and chat
  • Talk through your options
  • Access information
  • Find support in your area. Peer Support Group
  • Link up and gain hope from others who understand

Please see our Past Events page for more information.

The attached article “Inventing the wheel” may help you understand us a little more.

Want to know more? Please contact us.

We believe different people need different things at different times. Our aim is to offer people options and choices to get ‘In Touch’ with a service and ‘In Touch’ with each other.